Self Expression:
Since Cro-Magnon man first began grinding pigment and applying them to cave walls, stitching hides and crafting personal adornments, he has had a primeval instinct to decorate himself and his surroundings as a way to express ideas, emotions and beliefs. Clothing has always been one of the simplest forms of self expression. Even at a young age, we can all pick and choose what we want to wear, telling others about who we are, what we like, what mood we are in and how unique we are....all without saying a word. So I invite you to take a look around and see what I have done for others. Perhaps, it will inspire you to dream of what I can do for you! 

"Every Girl, big or small, young or old, 
should own a
super powered
spinny skirt."

Fine Hand-Crafted Fantasy Apparel

Unique, OOAK* clothing and accessories

created for the whimsical,

magical and joyous side of life. 

I craft witch and wizard hats, bags,
fairy chemises, skirts, dresses, cloaks, robes,
ren shirts, lace chokers, dolls and well,
basically I make whatever I feel inspired to make
and I put those goodies up for sale
in my etsy shop and booth.  
I also do a lot of custom requests as well. 
It gives me great joy to help make
someone else's idea come to life, 
and create for them a garment or
asseccory as unique and magical as they are! 

*OOAK=One Of A Kind